Chapter 10 Designing Pentaho Data Integration Solutions .. Query Pane PDF and Excel Export Chart Enhancing Performance Using the Pentaho Aggregate. Pentaho® Kettle Solutions: Building Open Source ETL Solutions with . Cluster Certification Guide and Pentaho Solutions, and was a technical reviewer for. Documentation for Pentaho. Products; Solutions; Tutorials; Installation; Configuration; Administration; Data Models; Developer Center; Upgrade.

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invest tiny times to retrieve this on-line notice pentaho solutions business Create Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) Solutions Last updated; Save as PDF No. This workshop will help you create a shared vision, solution architecture and implementation blueprint for a Business Analytics solution. The end-result is a. Pentaho Solutions Business Intelligence and Data Pentaho Kettle Solutions: Building Open Source ETL Solutions with Pentaho Data Integration.

Unfortunately this means when using only Pentaho reporting, it can be more difficult to create complex reports. In general, our impression is that the usability and stability of PRD continues to improve. Pentaho relies on sub-reports to support reports with multiple queries, multiple group sections, and multiple data sources.

Things We Like Pentaho includes a nice, re-entrant report wizard for creating grouped listing reports. We found ourselves using it often to eliminate some of the tedious work involved in the initial layout of a report. Kettle is a Swiss Army Knife data ETL tool that allows developer to acquire and process data using a combination of pre-built graphical components and code as required.

PRD has the native ability to retrieve data from a particular step within any Kettle transformation. Using Kettle with PRD allows developers to specialize on either the data acquisition or presentation, which we feel is a significant advantage over both BIRT and Jasper. Crosstabs continue to be marked as experimental. Review of the Pentaho JIRA system indicated that a substantial amount of time was spent on crosstabs, unfortunately crosstabs have not reach a fully functional state in the three years since our last review.

This may be partially explained by the presence of different tools within the Pentaho stack that can duplicate crosstab functionality, meaning that it is not strictly required within reporting. Both of those products provided dialog screens that provide guidance and structure to the property settings. For example, if you want a report to look good when printed on an 8.

Sub-Reports Like Jasper, Pentaho is very dependent on sub-reports. If you want to use multiple grouping sections, multiple data sources, have side-by-side report components, or re-use the results of a query within a different section of a report, you need to use sub-reports.

While sub-reports are great for re-using report pieces across many different reports, requiring sub-reports for the above use cases adds unnecessary difficulty and complexity to the report design process: You need to gracefully hand parameters and sometimes query data between the master report and sub-report and sub-sub-report, etc. Report Developers need to manually manage the dependency between the master report and sub-report files.

Too many sub-reports can result in poor performance [KM6]because each sub-report opens its own thread, and queries.

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So, for example, if you have a sub-report within a group section that expands into 70 different groups, then the sub-report will initialize and run 70 times. Figure 3 - Pentaho Report Wizard Charting In Pentaho Report Designer, the process of creating a chart involves providing property values for a really large dialog box see below screenshot.

We find it interesting that Pentaho provides such an excellent report wizard but no charting wizard, and BIRT provides a great chart wizard but no report wizard.

Jaspersoft Studio has middle-of-the road wizards for both reports and charts. Although the chart dialog seems to imply that you can just change the chart type by just clicking on the appropriate button along the top, when you do so you often lose the values you already typed in for category, series, etc. This can make it very frustrating to use.

Note that some of these strengths and weaknesses are really due to the behavior of the underlying Classic Engine, not the Pentaho Report Designer itself. This evaluation consists of Pentaho platform components, Report Designer and ad hoc interface for reporting used for local installation. Can fieldnames in a row duplicated in Pentaho? Does transformation allow filed duplication?

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The original field will have a duplicate name of the other field now. How to use database connections from repository?

Explain in brief the concept Pentaho Dashboard. Dashboards are the collection of various information objects on single page including diagrams, tables and textual information.

The steps involved in Dashboard creation include Adding dashboard to the solution. Defining dashboard content. Editing dashboards. Transformation logic can be shared using subtransformations, which provides seamless loading and transformation of variables enhancing efficiency and productivity of the system.

Subtransformations can be called and reconfigured when required. Explain the use of Pentaho reporting. Pentaho reporting enables businesses to create structured and informative reports to easily access, format and deliver meaningful and important information to clients and customers.

What is Pentaho Data Mining? Pentaho Data Mining refers to the Weka Project, which consists of a detailed tool set for machine learning and data mining.

Weka is open source software for extracting large sers of information about users, clients and businesses. It is built on Java programming.

Take charge of your career by going through this professionally designed Pentaho Certifications. Data Integration refers to passing of data from one type of systems to other within the same application. On the contrary, ETL is used to extract and access data from different sources. And transform it into other objects and tables.

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Explain Hierarchy Flattening. It is just the construction of parent child relationships in a database. Hierarchy Flattening uses both horizontal and vertical formats, which enables easy and trouble-free identification of sub elements.

It further allows users to understand and read the main hierarchy of BI and includes Parent column, Child Column, Parent attributes and Child attributes. Give a brief about PDI architecture.

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PRD consists of Java-based report engine offering data integration, portability and scalability. Thus, it can be embedded in Java web applications and also other application servers like Pentaho BAserver. Define Pentaho Report types. There are several categories of Pentaho reports : Transactional Reports : Data to be used form transactions. Tactical Reports : data comes from daily or weekly transactional data summary.

Objective is to present short-term information for instant decision making like replacing merchandize. Strategic Reports : data comes from stable and reliable sources to create long-term business information reports like season sales analysis.Highly accurate, prescriptive, predictive algorithms help customers anticipate breakdowns so they can improve operations and avoid equipment downtime.

Enrol Today Tactical Reports : data comes from daily or weekly transactional data summary.

To avoid the above situation, there is yet another option to join rows form two different Table Input steps. When I created report with latest PRD 3.

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