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Editorial Reviews. Review. "A fast paced monster bashing epic with good use of military Runescape: Betrayal at Falador - site edition by T. S. Church. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. Betrayal at Falador is the first official novel based on the world of RuneScape. This It was written by Tom S. Church, and the cover art is by Giuseppe Grassi. Read the first chapter of the upcoming Runescape novel. To continue reading the first chapter of Betrayal at Falador, download the PDF here.

When a young woman appears in the teeth of the storm, her sudden arrival launches a chain of events that endangers the very fabric of magic. And unless the knights can solve the riddle of Kara-Meir, everything they hold close may be lost. Their one hope may lie in the hands, not of a knight, but of an untested squire named Theodore In a very cliche version of epic fantasy, Betrayal at Falador "Betrayal" , has all your necessary components.

There's the good guys, the squire and the knights, plus the dwarfs, the wizards, the druids, etc. And then there's the bad guys, the ones from out of town who want to rule over everyone in sight The bad guys want to conquer, the good guys want to prevent this, there's also a mystery of a possible traitor among the good guys Under impossible situation after impossible situation, I'm sure you can imagine who takes the cake at the end of the day.

Now, I'm sure I would have enjoyed this book more if I had actually played the game, but at the same time, I'm also quite sure that that amount would only be a pittance.

As I mentioned above, Betrayal is not a subtle novel. Then, unsurprisingly, that event happens and it's really not all that great. Maybe I've been involved in the legal profession too long already, but one of an author's main responsibilities is to convince the reader that a certain action taken by a character or a certain event is not only entirely plausible in the world that's been created, but that it's also perfectly rational.

I want to be convinced that under the systems set up by this world, that it was a reasonable choice that a character made or that by some type of magic something was able to happen.

This suspension of disbelief has to happen or I will remain unconvinced and you've lost me as a reader. As you can imagine, this factor was not apparent in Betrayal. Late in the book, a battle between the Kinshra and the White Knights of Falador erupts in which Sulla attempts to erase Falador from history. Theodore and a group of friends head to Burthorpe and journey under the Ice Mountain in order to rally arms to defend Falador from defeat.

Kara-Meir witnesses Master Phyllis's death - a man who took her in as a young child, teaching her how to fight and smith. Eventually, help is summoned and Kara-Meir and Theodore lead an army of dwarfs and Imperial Guards.

During the battle, Sir Amik is injured whilst in the field. Morale is low and so the valet Bhuler equips the master-at-arm's plate as a disguise to rally the knights.

Bhuler is inevitably killed, a sacrifice which makes him a hero. He attempts to trap and kill the three of them, but is stopped by Sir Pallas, who he then kills. Ebenezer helps break the trap, and Sir Finistere is killed by Marius. After the battle, about 10, citizens of Falador cheer Kara Meir and hail her a hero.

Kara-Meir, accompanied by Gar'rth, the nephew of the werewolf Jerrod, help rebuild the Monastery. Gar'rth wants to track down his uncle. Meanwhile, Theodore decides to head to Varrock using his new found fame to recruit for more to join his order. With the aid of Kaqemeex , a druid of Taverley, Theodore finds that the flower is a white pearl , a flower known to grow atop of both the nearby White Wolf Mountain , and the perilous Ice Mountain.

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As this occurs, a violent group of men loyal to the H. Doric, having lived in the area for two dozen years, is confronted by the drunken mob in his home north of Falador.

They beat and rob him, finally accidentally burning down his home and retreating in shame. The monster, previously having planned to eat Doric, instead pursues the H. Speaker and his men, killing them in the night.

Theodore discovers Doric in the process of his return to Falador, and offers to aid him in pursuing legal action in Falador. Doric reluctantly agrees, and both are forced to flee when they sense they are being chased by the monster. The monster pursues them, smelling on them "the scent it is looking for". Upon returning to Falador, they find that the girl, Kara-Meir , has awoken, and that the ring she had been carrying was one of a set of 50 rings of life once given to knights of Falador pursuing the most dangerous missions.

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They speculate that Kara-Meir could be the daughter of Sir Justrain , a White Knight who had in the past made accusations concerning a traitor within their midst and resigned before he could be expelled for this unproven accusation. Justrain had been given such a ring afterwards in recognition of his merits and tasked with spying on the Kinshra.

Kara-Meir, as she recovers, slowly shares her tale. During her childhood, her small village in northern Asgarnia was raided by a group of Kinshra under a deformed commander named Sulla , slaying her parents and leaving her the only survivor.

She was saved from freezing by Master Phyllis , an elderly dwarf who raised her. It was the dwarves who gave her the name 'Kara-Meir'. She had only recently attempted to revenge herself upon Sulla, but was nearly killed when he succeeded in defeating her. The ring of life had saved her, teleporting her to Falador.

She shows an affinity for swordsmanship, defeating Theodore's rival, Marius , in a mock-duel. The monster, revealed to be a werewolf from Morytania named Jerrod , attempts to enter the White Knights' Castle, but is unable to due to the holy barrier protecting the castle.

He takes up residence in the home of a beggar , whom he eventually kills to hide his identity. Sulla, meanwhile, ascends to lordship of the Kinshra by assassinating their leader.

He then begins to put into motion the events of the War of , in which he hopes he can gain control of Asgarnia. As he weaves his plan, however, he begins to have dreams of Kara-Meir, whom he believed dead after her failed attack. Because he has slain so many, he cannot remember her from the village raid ten years before.

Jerrod eventually manages to kidnap a young White Knight peon named Bryant in an attempt to lure out Theodore, whom he believes has information related to what he is chasing. During his interrogation, Jerrod wounds Bryant, but tells him not to worry, as contrary to human stories, an ordinary Human with no werewolf ancestry cannot be turned into a Werewolf. Jerrod is soon attacked by Doric, Theodore, and Kara-Meir, only narrowly managing to escape.

Bryant, who had escaped ahead of his companions, is met by a fellow knight whom he hopes can help him. He is killed, but apparently he manages to kill his attacker, Sir Balladish , before he can escape. Kara-Meir fights off Jerrod, cutting off two of his fingers and an ear.

Jerrod's blood turns out to be black, and the group thus speculate that the creature they fought was a werewolf.

This suggests to the reader that werewolves possess black blood. Bryant and Balladish are discovered dead, and Balladish is deemed the traitor of Falador.

Shortly after, Kara-Meir, learning from Theodore that the knights had been attempting to use her as bait to lure out the traitor, flees from the castle.The monster, revealed to be a werewolf from Morytania named Jerrod , attempts to enter the White Knights' Castle, but is unable to due to the holy barrier protecting the castle.

Reece Foxjohn is used to defying convention.

Betrayal at Falador

It was purchasable from the Jagex Store , but has since been removed. I'm positive that if I read Betrayal when I was around years old, I would have loved it. Captain Ingrew of the Falador City Guard oversees the defences of Falador, aiding Ebenezer in the construction of trebuchets but ignoring the architectural ideas of Doric.

The rest were sold by the end of December The novel culminates in the Siege of Falador , during which Sulla and his forces attack the Asgarnian capital.

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