Models for Writers - site edition by Alfred Rosa, Paul Eschholz. Download it once phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Models for Writers. Missing parts of the ebook! This is awful!. Strong support and short essays help students become model writers. Models for Writers remains a bestseller for millions of students for a reason: its short. Models for Writers, now in its eleventh edition, continues to offer stu- dents and instructors . and e-readers. For more details, visit

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Models for Writers: Short Essays for Composition: Alfred Rosa, Paul Eschholz: Books. Verified download. Missing parts of the ebook! This is awful!. download or Rent Models for Writers as an eTextbook and get instant access. With VitalSource, you can save up to 80% compared to print. Students get free shipping when you rent or download Models for Writers (13th) from Macmillan Learning. Available in hardcopy, e-book & other digital formats.

Balancing the ebook needs and wishes of creators, publishers, resellers, librarians, and readers has been and continues to occupy the best efforts of many professionals. Most of these professionals agree that in an ideal world information would be free, but in the real world we all need to eat so information is not free.

We need multiple ebook business models for various kinds of books and for their various uses in order to accommodate everyone involved. As you think about the different ebook business models, keep in mind that each one is an attempt to balance the needs of these different groups so that all may prosper and so that our common enterprise of bringing education and culture to students and adults may flourish. Before looking at the four main business models, I want to make clear that there are several ways of downloading books that we will not consider as separate business models.

These may look like unique business models, but for our purposes they are not.

Models for Writers

They use the same business models we are already planning to look at, though in different ways. Your library may belong to a consortium that offers ebooks. That can be great for improving your downloading power and getting you better terms, but it does not affect the business models that your suppliers use.

To them, they are offering you a better deal than they would if you bought directly from them, but they are staying with the same business models. You would still be downloading a subscription to a database of ebooks for a specified period of time. Hence, we will not consider consortial downloading as a separate business model.

Another apparently new business model is for publishers that have traditionally served K libraries to sell directly to parents, especially to homeschoolers. While home schools may be a new market for these publishers, the publishers are not using a new business model to sell to them. They are using the same business models that they use with public and private schools.

Lastly, site, Scribd and other players offer authors platforms with which to self-publish their books. Self-publishing or indie publishing is a field in itself, and we intend to write more about it. For now the key idea is that, while it is a different business model for the authors they intend to make money by publishing and selling their books without the help of a traditional publishing company , it is not a different business model for the platform companies that provide the technology to the authors.

They are selling the books with the print book model or with the subscription model.

What Is the Agency Model for Ebooks? Your Burning Questions Answered

That is, you can download a permanent license to books of your choice, or you can download a subscription to a collection of books. This is easy to understand, because we are all familiar with it. In this model, publishers and resellers earn money by selling ebooks just as they would by selling printed books. Librarians and patrons use the ebooks just as they would printed books. Librarians select books one at a time, download licenses to them, and then manage them in their ILS much as they do printed books.

This model provides three technological advantages over printed books. First, the ebooks do not require physical processing or management in the library. This saves space and labor for librarians, as well as for publishers and resellers, not to mention for readers.

Second, when one patron returns a book or the loan period expires and the book is automatically disabled , the next patron in the queue can immediately check out the book.

Neither patron has to schedule and make a trip to the library. This can result in a faster circulation rate and more efficient use of library resources. Third, ebooks will not wear out, be stolen, or be lost, so they will not have to be replaced. This can conserve library funds; however, for some publishers this is a concern because they need the revenue from replacement sales to maintain their profit margins. These publishers charge libraries higher prices per copy or they limit the number of circulations before requiring download of a new license for a title.

Other than these three, this model does not take advantage of the ebook technology. In fact, there is often a disadvantage in that many of the suppliers charge an annual platform fee, which acts like a subscription charge on top of the book download price.

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If the library is unable to pay the platform fee, then it loses access to the books it has paid for. This model has many variations.

Sometimes, the terms are more generous to the library, such as when several students are allowed to use a single book concurrently.

This works well for reading groups. At other times, the terms are more onerous and involve high prices or limits on checkouts before redownload is required, as mentioned above. Most of the companies that supply school libraries with ebooks offer books with this business model, though they may also offer books on other business models.

If you want current popular nonfiction and bestseller fiction, you will need to use at least one of the suppliers that offer this model. Ebooks as Journal Articles: The Subscription Model Moving a further step away from treating ebooks as if they were printed books, we come to subscription business models. Librarians are familiar with subscriptions to databases of journal articles.

The model is the same with ebooks. The library subscribes to a collection of ebooks for a period of time, usually for one year. The suppliers who offer this model have assembled collections suitable for school use.

While all similar services calculate royalties and pages read differently, publishers can have a steady earning if many people regularly read their books or parts of their books.

This way publishers earn as much as the ebooks were read, not more, not less. Subscription and characters read You might not be paid based on the digital list price, but based on the subscription fee. This model gives flexibility, fair reporting, and revenue share to all stakeholders. And, of course, happy readers. Libraries Seasoned readers know where to look for their digital favourites: in the libraries.

This flexibility of ebook pricing let libraries choose the best way of downloading your books. You can also choose a partner who does it for you automatically. Pay per use Pay per use is the ultimate way of ebook pricing based on the reading experience.

As mentioned previously, in the section on subscription based ebook pricing models, pay per use models usually pay publishers a pre-set rate. After the 21 day period, the title must be redownloadd for another 21 days.

Subscription This way of ebook pricing at libraries gives you a lot of flexibility. Simultaneous Here publishers can be creative — publishers may scale it to the number of users. For example, setting a higher list price but allowing a maximum of 5 users to read the ebook.

Ebook pricing guide for an international market If you want to sell your book across the globe, there are a handful of things to take into account. Fortunately, this is something we manage for you: you just enter your list price, and we calculate your royalties based on your sales in each country.

There are also different trends and ideas everywhere about how much an ebook should cost, but this should be the topic of a separate post. If you want to read more on pricing an ebook for an international audience, please check our course on Reedsy : it is free, popular and funny. We will explain to you how it works and whether it worth it.

Setting the price So far we covered the models used for direct downloads, subscription and library use and site KDP. How much writers in your genre are charging You need to do your research: go to an online bookshop and check out the genre in which your book is going to appear.

People searching for your book are going to see similar titles — if your book is much more expensive, odds are that people are going to download a cheaper one. Your primary goal You have to decide whether you want to go for more readers or more money.

Yes, you want both, but nothing comes easy at first. Setting a low price could help you draw in readers who are just browsing and came across your book. However, educational, self-help books, textbooks in hot topics can sell for much higher. What if no one downloads it?This saves space and labor for librarians, as well as for publishers and resellers, not to mention for readers.

Why the Subscription Model for Ebooks Doesn't Work (at Least Not Yet)

Evolution has no moral imperative, it just blindly follows the objective of one bottom line or another, which, I suppose, is as good a definition of greed as any other. Cancel Save. Models for Writers: Short Essays for What if no one downloads it? With the following ebook pricing guide we would like to help beginners and seasoned publishers to find their way out.

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