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Iron kingdoms rpg character guide pdf. 0 on my VISTA 64, and I also installed the newest version of ANSW. 14 53 59 -a- C Windows. On 23rd of September Privateer Press allowed their Iron Kingdom RPG source books to be available in PDF format for the first time after most of them. Iron Kingdoms Character Guide: Full Metal Fantasy, Vol. mentioned in various parts of the book scrolling through a pdf to find the appropriate parts would be a.

Named after archwizard Cortis Vendarl. General Donard led a ragtag army of volunteers and Colossals. This week is the same as on the Morrowan Calendar. Most Menites preach that General Donard was a faithful adherent to the tenets of the Creator. Menite Week Names Ozeall: Named after the Visgoth Ozeall.

Hierarch Luctine preached the holy significance of the great earthquake of A. Very few outsiders are familiar with its complexities. Because of this. This formal reckoning begins numbering the days of each week within any given month from one to seven and starts again with one for the ensuing week. Named after Master Gervus Malleus. The Iosan Calendar Elves that have regular dealings with humanity—or those exiles. Although it is still not wholly accurate. Visgoth Ozeall is credited with the creation of the Protectorate of Menoth.

This week is named in honor of Hierarch Gevard Luctine. Composing Dates: The accepted formal arrangement of calendar dates and how they are properly composed begins by stating the name of the week. Ashtoven A. Table 1—1: Malleus was a persuasive and influential factor to the kegendary Army of Thunder during the Rebellion.

Calder moves through four major phases and four minor phases over the course of 28 days with each major phase occurring over seven days.

The enclosed calendar lists the names of the weeks. These can be shown on a one-month calendar with no month name. In recent times. Some calendars list the Caspian composition rather than Cygnaran.

Without the support of Vilmon and his followers. Glaceus Month 1: Long considered one of the harshest periods of the year. His major phases are quarter declining half moon.

The following are explanations of the month names on the Morrowan calendar. Table 1—2: Casteus Month 2: Derived from an ancient legend of a Midar warlord who rallied to establish the province of Midlund. Named after the Visgoth Dargin Vilmon. Calder and Laris are the most similar of the three. It is said that he actually sacrificed his loved ones to Menoth for the strength to unite the Midar. This month is named after King Khardovic.

Trineus Month 3: The third month of the Caspian calendar was also called Trineus. This harsh month of summer has often been associated with famine and merciless heat.

Golovant is counted as a divinely inspired hero by both Morrowans and Menites. Menite Month Names Morrowan scholars and priests had a major role in shaping the current calendar.

The Menite calendar obviously also uses the Caspian root language rather than Cygnaran. In honor of this particularly potent time of the year. Solesh Month 7: Although the name of this month is similar to an ancient Caspian term for the sun.

This long celebration. Katesh Month 9: Named in honor of Ascendant Katrena. Prautes Month 6: Named in honor of Visgoth Dovorin Prautian. In Caspian. This month is named after King Golovant. During the rough winds of this season. An old Caspian term to divide autumn from winter. Cinot is credited with inscribing the first laws of civilization onto stone and prompting an age of peace and reason. This was one of the first glimpses of the afterworld given to the ancient Menites.

Doloven Month Named in honor of Ascendant Doleth. Named after the mythical King Cinot. Adulation of the ascendant increased during the Rebellion. Octesh Month 8: Another ancient Caspian term. Rowen Month 6: This month was named in honor of Ascendant Rowan.

This has spawned another tradition whereby many regular citizens disguise themselves in imitation uniforms. The celebration lasts all day and night. It is widely believed that there are more murders committed on Dark Ascension than any other day of the year. In many places. On Cinten 13th. This is a time for community. The most important holiday of the year for Morrowans.

In Llael. Sulesh Month 9: Named after the great Hierarch Sulon. Martus Month This month honors the ancient paladin of the Order of the Wall. No one honestly knows the beginnings of this Toruk-based holiday in Cryx. Tensions run particularly high along the Cygnar-Protectorate border at this time of year. The superstitious refuse to leave their homes and there are traditional indoor activities to keep families occupied and safe.

Giving Day Winterfest: The last of the year has always been celebrated in different ways throughout western Immoren since the time of the Thousand Cities. In Cygnar. It has become a popular holiday throughout the central and southern Iron Kingdoms. Sulonsphar is a very different occasion for the Menite faithful. This is not considered a holiday except by her followers.

Iron Kingdoms Character Guide

Marking the end of the Cygnaran Civil War. Local traditions vary. Most Morrowans consider this a day of ill-fortune and bad luck. The hanging of ivy is a popular tradition. This is a famous fable among Menite communities. Day of Markus: Trineus the 3rd is the Day of Markus. Many places still have gatherings of friends and family during this time called Winterfest.

Dark Ascension: The 14th of Doloven is a dark day marking the ascension of Thamar. In Caspia.

Iron Kingdoms - Character Guide - Ingles - Copy

The Longest Night is a triennial event that falls upon the winter solstice. Giving Day apparently came about around A. In general. Solemn processions of masked priests and exemplars of Menoth. The 14th of Goloven marks both the end of summer and the birth of the modern kingdoms with the signing of the Corvis Treaties. During his lifetime. This nocturnal festival is observed in most of the western regions and includes heavy drinking.

The celebrations are particularly extravagant in Caspia. Summerfaires were originally an Ordic festival. This is an especially popular observance by Dhunia worshippers. Summerfaires consist of games. Of note. These festivities often include carnivals. Giving Day in the Protectorate has a different meaning. In predominantly Menite communities. This nocturnal festival is observed mainly in the central and southern regions of western Immoren and includes a midnight parade and heavy drinking.

Character Guide and remind the people that spring is not far away. Shroudfall is a yearly occasion about a month after the vernal equinox during a lunar eclipse of Calder.

Longest Night. The importance of the day can be traced back thousands of years to the kingdom of Thuria. Dhunians smear their bodies with ash. On this day every Menite is required to tithe the Temple. It is named for the Council of Ten and was instituted to celebrate In the Protectorate. By Menite reckoning. It is a numberless day. Morrowans also tend to gather around fires to drink and tell stories.

Founding Day: Different in every city of the region. All walks of life now celebrate Giving Day and Morrowan churches customarily open their coffers to help fund the gift-giving.

In Ord and Khador. Celebrants often dress as the dead and the festivities may also include fireworks. Summerfaire is traditionally a week long celebration in Ord taking place either on the second or third week of Solesh depending on the community. The dwarves. In this time of industrialization. Such is the case with western Immoren.

But first. Colorful cavalcades. Of course. This is the Night of Laris. Calder has completely vanished from the sky. Veterans and factory employees are especially diligent in observing this holiday. On the eve of the last day of Tempenfest. Cygnar and Ord. Humankind comes in a wide variety of cultures and the features of a particular terrain often serve to produce natural ethnic boundaries.

Revelers prowl in shadows. A variety of races and ethnicities call western Immoren their home. Races of Western Immoren In the beginning of this chapter. The earliest chronicles of men have survived since the Old Races Era. The second week in the month of Tempen is typically a six-day celebration called the Festival of Tempes. Participants frequently don masks and wear blood red outfits.

Tenfest is marked by military parades showcasing uniformed soldiers and warjack battlegroups in the larger cities. Cultural traditions. Politics have played a major part in blurring these racial divisions. Homogenization looms. Some performers dress in heavily-armored costumes resembling Colossals and stomp about while dangling a horde of little marionettes—meant to be fleeing Orgoth—before them.

It is possible to have the appearance of one subculture and the traits of a different one. All cultural adjustments are entirely optional. Language Notes: Both social flaws inflict the following penalties when the character is dealing with others not of his nationality: Cultural traits such as skill and ability score adjustments only apply to a person raised in the traditions of that culture.

If parents are of mixed background he will likely favor one or the other. An exception to this is that Nyss suffer a —4 penalty when dealing with Iosan elves. Players are encouraged to roleplay this flaw. An individual is born with the appearance of his parents. Literacy is not always automatic in the Iron Kingdoms.

Bonus languages are available to characters with high Intelligence modifiers as described in the PHB or can be learned by gaining ranks in the Speak Language skill. Players may choose to forego the ability score adjustments. Gather Information and Sense Motive checks when dealing with others not of their nationality. These include optional ability score adjustments for the major human subcultures and racial abilities for the non-human races. Social Flaws: Automatic Class Skills: Therefore a person with Khardic parents who was raised in a Caspian culture would look Khardic.

Jingoistic social gaffs are usually intentional. They have a nigh mystic regard for their riding animals. They prefer a sturdy ax to a sword. Giants or no.

This fierce pride and unbending tenacity. Ordic The Khardic men and women of Khador are large in stature and long in memory. Power Attack. While older values tend to outweigh newer ideals. This may well be true. If so. In their day. The conquering Khards. Toughness Optional Ability Adjustments: Base Weight: Male lbs. Be it true or not. Female lbs. Khadoran written. Perhaps this is because they believe they suffered the worst during the Orgoth Occupation.

Intelligence —2 Automatic Class Skill: Ride Skill Bonuses: Jingoistic optional Base Height: In the far reaches. Khadoran spoken Bonus Languages: Cygnaran written. Automatic Languages: Cygnaran spoken. Mounted Combat.

It is said that—often by the Khards themselves—the bloodlines of giants run in their veins. Kossites do not like to be disturbed. Character Guide generation. Bogatyri were also famous for growing from babe to adulthood in a matter of days and for sleeping so deeply that only a wound would wake them. At first. It is said that when Orgoth landed. Ordic 33 In the khurzic tongue. Point Blank Shot. Although they are the tallest humans in western Immoren.

The people of the long-lost realm of Kos are reclusive.

Countless times have unwanted trespassers crossed into Kossite territory only to be riddled with arrows from obscured tree stands and hidden blinds.

In truth. They have a reputation for being unfriendly and indifferent. What mountain range the bogatyri retreated to is unclear. Charisma —2 Automatic Class Skill: Survival Skill Bonuses: Very strong Khardic men always brag of bogatyr blood and some rare few actually exhibit the supernatural abilities of their parents.

Like the elves of the east. The Kossites immediately took to the partnership with delight. Intelligence —2. Many Immorese folk display their hard labors on their faces. Ryn folk are witty.

Not to say that every Ryn is a rogue. Wisdom —2 Automatic Class Skill: Diplomacy Skill Bonuses: The small nation of Rynr. Male 95 lbs. Though often labeled as flippant cavaliers. A cunning Ryn might invite one to dinner. What a loss that might have been! Rhulic spoken. Llaelese Bonus Languages: It almost cannot be helped.

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Improved Initiative. This is not the case in Llael. Quick Draw. No matter what profession a Kossite adopts. Ryn Popular Starting Feats: Combat Expertise. Those who choose not to join the military usually become trappers. Female 55 lbs. Weapon Finesse Optional Ability Adjustments: Shyr spoken. It is an effective style and extremely difficult to defend against. Skirov Popular Starting Feats: Great Fortitude.

Their forefathers made human sacrifices to the Devourer and dipped themselves in the blood of the slain. Urnyak It is a matter of debate whether or not the Skirov have ever been truly subjugated.

Character Guide 35 particularly highborn. Khurzic spoken. Rumor Has It… Personal honor is of great importance to Rynnish nobility. In those long ago times. To some Ryn. Those who have sought to change them have succeeded to a point. These intense people cleave to their passions with a vengeance. Never a unified nation. These types always come at a price. Knowledge religion Skill Bonuses: Iron Will.

They are pale skinned. Khadoran spoken. Rhulic spoken Just east of the Khadoran-Llaelese border. Skirov are thickset. According to outsiders.

They are few in number. To most Khadorans. Rynr would not have been far behind. Some Skirov joined the Orgoth.

Iron Kingdoms Character Guide: Full Metal Fantasy Volume I

Knowledge history Skill Bonuses: Combat Reflexes. A hundred-year war nearly toppled the empire. Umbrean Five hundred years passed before the Khardic horselords finally struck treaties with their brothers. Umbreans are even permitted the right to serve in the military. Over the generations. Some are pistoleers. More and more they refuse to adhere to Khadoran law.

Character Guide capital of Khard. The Umbreans of religion their with Khador share a common language and homeland but independent.

They take their former glory seriously. These folk no longer have a true kingdom of their own. Although they are still viewed with disdain in Llael. They are unmistakably and fiercely patriotic. So far however. Khadoran leaders have even attempted to prevent Umbreans serving in the armies of recognized rivals. Many of them yearn for a return to the old days. Rumor Has It… Although most outsiders treat the Umbreans with either disdain or suspicion.

Considering the attitude of their neighbors and countrymen. The Khadoran regime recognizes this and rumor has it that they persistently exert pressure on Prince Tzepesci to bring his people into line. Umbreans have intermingled with Khards. Everyday it seems more of them are taking up residence outside of the Khadoran border. Female 80 lbs.

These nononsense. Rhulic written Dominating the northern regions of Cygnar. Their complete inability to admit defeat makes them the most steadfast soldiers in all the kingdoms. Seems foolish. Most records agree that they existed as independent city-states and the region was called Midlund. Midlunders take to just about any craft they put their minds to. If trained or apprenticed properly. They are traders. Their skin ranges from pale to ruddy.

This in mind. Some of the only records of Morddh have. Though Optional Ability Adjustments: None Saves Bonus: Cygnaran Bonus Languages: Power Attack Most Midlunders have hair of brown. One of the more widely accepted theories. Midlund mannerisms run the gamut. Ancient records show that the lawbreakers and criminally insane from other countries were exiled or escaped into the boggy wastelands over the centuries because of their transgressions—no small wonder the valley has such an insidious reputation.

Morrdh had already well fallen. Run Optional Ability Adjustments: Records are spotty regarding this nearly forgotten nation. After dozens of generations of living and dying in the muck. Some have emerged from the swamps and forests to build trading communities.

Then again. Those who have shed their reclusive ways are often hired as rangers or rough-terrain marksmen.

This is now a dread and murky place where shadowy creatures and wicked magics loom among sunken ruins 39 Not all of them are killers. Generations ago. Ordic By the time Tordor existed as a kingdom. Male 90 lbs. Socially isolated optional Base Height: These renegades and outcasts had to learn every sticky branch.

In spite of their physical appearance. From such a feared realm come the Morridane.. The Thurians have a knack for subtly bending the truth to get what they want. With so many port towns and a constant flow of foreign trade in and out of their region. It is no small wonder then that the people of what was once known as Thuria—once located in westernmost Cygnar near the Ordic border—have come forward as plentiful and powerful wizards and sorcerers.

They are excellent learners. Skill Focus. Combat Casting. Female 70 lbs. But a sharp mind can be just as deadly as a sharp dagger.

Ordic spoken Bonus Languages: Ordic written Some folk say that the Gift of magic is but another game of chance. Time and again. Hiding beneath their fair hair and ruddy tones are some of the most strategically minded men and women in all of Immoren.

Many a sharp-witted rogue or wizard is of Thurian stock. Perhaps this stems from the life-by-code mantras of both faiths. Bluff Skill Bonuses: Thurians do not spurn spellcasters. Aside from the Khardic Empire and Kingdom of Caspia. Ordic Bonus Languages: Llaelese 41 Prior to the Orgoth incursion.

Records indicate that the Tordorans. High Tordoris. Cygnaran spoken.. Their ancestral legacies are preserved through arranged marriages and blood-debts with other castellan families. If this is true or not is a matter of much debate in Ord and elsewhere. Some among the lowborn—outnumbering their highborn cousins a hundred to one—have never spent a day aboard a ship.

The Tordorans are the original lords of Ord. A common attitude amongst these types goes something like. In the main. Tordoran blood remains more pure than many of the other ethnicities. Improved Initiative Optional Ability Adjustments: Balance Skill Bonuses: Like the Ryn. They live out their days with rarely more than a few coppers in their pockets. Not all are called to the sea.

Cygnaran Sulese dialect in the Protectorate Bonus Languages: In comparison to the Khardic Empire or Tordor. Dexterity —2 Automatic Class Skill: Sense Motive Skill Bonuses: The alliance of Caspian communities was just never made very official. Khurzic Sulese only. Female 75 lbs.

Ordic In the south. Khadoran Sulese only. Caspia is considered young. Power Attack Optional Ability Adjustments: Cygnaran Sulese dialect. Of all the races of western Immoren. Molgur In truth. Character Guide Though of the same descent. Caspians of the temperate regions are usually cream-skinned. From what I know of Idrians. Idrian Popular Starting Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike.

In contrast. But just over a century ago. Idrian dialect Bonus Languages: Caspians are quite proud of their Cygnar. The Caspians of Cygnar have venerated Morrow with countless relics and ornate architecture. Hair and eyes are typically dark and their frames typically trim. Sulese engineers. Their heritage is their faith. Sulese people are even more trim and darkened by the sun and wind of the desert landscape. They are Caspian. Caspians and Sulese are the most abundant people of western Immoren.

Not much is known of the tribes of the Bloodstone Marches. Caspia is one of the greatest cities in the civilized world. I cannot say much about the Sulese. The god has had a muse-like influence on the artists and engineers for centuries and Cygnar is without a doubt the most elaborately ornamented kingdom with its enormous.

Aside from their religious differences. Female 85 lbs. Bitterness still very much exists between these peoples to this day. Profession sailor. At one time. Molgur written.

So far. The Marches barbarians are diminishing.. Ordic The most abundant inhabitants in Cryx are the undead. Like many of their Marches-born traditions. They Order of the Fist to infiltrate Protectorate are allegedly led by a mysterious entity known Khal-Paut. Whether these converts will fade over time or increase remains to be seen.

They have adopted much of the Sulese culture. An elite group referred to as the Khalpautiym. Idrians are easily marked. Their goal is to slay the proselytizers of the Menite theocracy and to liberate the Idrian tribes. As maintained by this race. Intimidate Skill Bonuses: Molgur spoken Bonus Languages: A few stragglers still refuse to accept the new religion.

Those who emerged from the sands converted to Menoth. The cleft blades and hooked spears of their forebears remain in many of the families. Not so in Cryx. Their numbers are very few. In the open borderlands between Llael and Rhul. Both are considered vagabond races that have never rightfully held lands of their own.

Character Guide 45 The Scharde folk follow the will of the Great Dragon and do their best to extend the dread of the Cryxian Empire to all shores. Even so. Whereas six hundred miles northeast. The Radiz are duskyskinned but lighter in both frame and complexion next to the Sinari. They are outlaws. Some have black or shining eyes.

They mingle as best they can as entertainers.

Other ethnicities exist in addition to those above. For centuries. The Morridane. I detest them nearly as much as I do the Sulese. In the eastern steppes and among the Kovosk Hills. Below are some brief notes on the more prevailing ethnic groups in the minority. Interspersed throughout Ord and western Cygnar are the Radiz and the Sinari.

Scharde folk are the darkest sort of humans. Dragonblight affects Schardes differently. In the far north. Each of these races is detailed as follows: Dwarf Ability Adjustments: The Rhulfolk—as they are so named after their long standing kingdom—settled the northern mountains.

They might not automatically be literate in Rhulic. For that reason. Medium creature.

Dwarves can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Cygnar also has several other pocket ethnic groups. Weapon Familiarity: Dwarves may treat dwarven waraxes and dwarven urgroshes as martial weapons. Favored Class: Fighter Base Height: As stated before.

DMs who allow their players to choose one of the minority ethnicities for their character should extrapolate their racial traits and bonuses based on the general areas from which they hail.

Dwarves of lawful alignment the vast majority take their oaths seriously and have been conditioned over millenia to obey them. Scattered throughout the Wyrmwall are such groups as the Olgar and the Clamorgan. In the hills that rim the Bloodstone Marches in the north are numerous ethnic groups. Minority Characters As a suggestion. Dwarves of non-lawful alignment do not have this restriction.

Western Immoren has been the home of both men and dwarves since before written history. In the northwest among the Gnarls to White Bay are the sparse and incomprehensible Gnasir and the even sparser and more incomprehensible Arjun. They apparently enjoy fighting grim duels over minor insults.

These people have a very structured society. It is a common human perception to think of Rhul as fixed and unchanging. They are fittingly chronicled as the first civilization of the west. For all of their mastery of the arts of war.

The dwarven way is to preserve and build. While most of them prefer the company of their own kind. Dwarven culture defies an easy explanation. They have a great lust for life. With so many of them living in Cygnar and Khador. As far as it can be told. They are highly adaptable. Clan rivalry is a way of life. Many dwarves have now settled outside of Rhul. In time.

Feuding clans have been known to instantly put aside their differences at the first sign of an outside threat. The rapacious Orgoth taught them that they could not ignore humanity. The dwarves of today are much the same yet very different from their ancestors. Dwarven clans battle openly to resolve their disputes. They realize that men are on the brink of a great conflict and most are hesitant to be drawn into these disputes. Their culture is as distinct and substantial as the mountains they call home.

Dwarves are equally stalwart in body and demeanor.

They are engineers without peer. Yet this bloodshed is meted out alongside strict codes of law passed down through the ages and they carry out these campaigns with a sense of honor and propriety which seems alien to the human practice of war. Character Guide 47 The short but stout dwarven folk of Rhul seem to get along well enough. Siege is conducted to win territory or prove mettle.. Craft alchemy and Hide Resistances: Bogrin are very resilient to temperature extremes and do not suffer the usual consequences of exposure for any temperature between 0— degrees F.

Bogrin Traits Ability Adjustments: Of all the cultured races. Rogue Base Height: Low-Light Vision Movement: Small creature. Craft alchemy and Hide Camouflage: Goblins can blend into their surroundings by subtle changes in skin color. Gobbers are a widespread and notably wayfaring race. Yet this desire to create monuments to long outlast a dwarven lifetime is intrinsic to their nature. Male 30 lbs. Goblin Gobber Traits Ability Adjustments: Escape Artist.

Female 27 lbs. Female 40 lbs. Male 50 lbs. Physically however. Gobbers are typically half as tall as men—often smaller—while bogrin stand a foot taller than their smaller kin. Goblins are able to change their skin color to match their surroundings. I downloadd copies from DriveThruRPG of the original books, and the quality is high because they are not scans but instead converted from the original documents used during publishing and yes they are searchable.

I downloadd my digital copies through Paizo. They are a combination of scans and digital text- scans for background art and illustrations, digital text for all the writing. They are fully searchable. The quality is very high on all of them. If I had any complaint, it would be that the bookmarks are fairly sparse. You get a bookmark for each chapter, but not bookmarks for subheadings.

That's a pretty minor complaint though, and easily resolved by searching. So you could put them in where ever you like. It looks like it does not work with the Secure PDFs thought.A tribe also has a shaman or priest who serves as the arbiter of all spiritual matters, although Shamans are also highly sought after to provide wisdom in more worldly matters.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Calder to create a baleful orb. From what I know of Idrians. As far as it can be told.

Instead, they get bonus feats, starting at 4th level, and then every five levels after that. Eos Press. Mounted Combat.

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