AUDCO Butterfly Valve is a Wafer type Valve with an integrally moulded elastomer body liner. outperform loose liners, AUDCO Butterfly Valve elastomer liner is moulded .. accessories such as limit switches, manual overrides, positioners etc., valve could be provided we will translate this into a catalogue number. audco butterfly valve catalogue pdf. valve catalogue audco butterfly valves catalogue with price details English movies can downloaded free. AUDCO SLIMSEAL is a Wafer type Butterfly Valve with an integrally moulded . with other accessories such as limit switches, manual A familiarity with our Catalogue number is not necessary when specifying or ordering our valves.

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VALVE. CATALOGUE. //. The Fort Vale. Range of. Butterfly Valves. 6. 7. 8. 9. 11 . repair manual is now available for our range of discharge butterfly valves. Serck Audco Butterfly Valves FCD SRENTB A4 08/14 TECHNICAL BULLETIN Download "TECHNICAL BULLETIN. . Valve with Gear Unit DIMENSIONS (MM) AUDCO SLIMSEAL PN10 Valve size B C Flow Control Lever E as limit switches, manual overrides, positioners etc., to form a complete flow control package. Save this PDF as: Download "AUDCO BUTTERFLY VALVES". Error . Face to face and centre to face dimensions BS Wafer Short API Category A MSS SP

Designed to outperform loose liners, AUDCO Butterfly Valve elastomer liner is moulded directly in the body bore and vulcanised in-situ, making it last the entire life of the valve. The result - a valve that requires no form of maintenance.

AUDCO Butterfly Valve is available in different combinations of body, liner and disc materials to suit a wide range of line fluids, with a f lange less, Lugged or flanged body, in a size range of 50 to mm, and a pressure rating up to PN This ensures a smooth surface, thereby reducing friction between Weatherseal the disc and liner.

In-situ vulcanisation imparts greater strength to the liner. Reduced friction and high strength of the seat extend valve life. Grub Screw AUDCO Butterfly Valve integrally moulded body liner is not subjected to stretching, which is the cause for fatigue in loose-lined elastomers.


Fatigue in elastomer results in Integral O ring excessive wear and subsequent tearing of the liner. The body seat is formulated from food grade EPDM or white Acrylo nitrile rubber, both synthetic elastomers which do not impart any toxic substance, color, odor or flavor to the line media.

These valves find application on Hygienic lines in food, dairy, beverages, pharmaceutical and other related industries. The valve has a white epoxy paint for providing corrosion resistance. These valves are available in a size range of 50 to mm and maximum pressure rating of 16 bar for EPDM and 14 bar for White Nitrile.

A smoothly streamlined elastomer lining with a fully polished stainless steel disc ensures that there are no dead pockets or crevices in the valve. The wiping action of the disc ensures that the seat is always maintained clean.

The elastomer liner, molded directly in the body and vulcanized in-situ, ensures that the liner lasts the entire life of the valve - a valve that requires no form of maintenance. Dia-Standard Gear Unit H.

Consider selecting a suitable actuator taking into account any safety measures that should occur during operation. Torque figures are at the top shaft of the valve. Body top platform drilled to ISO to facilitate direct mounting of actuators and gear units.

Face-to-face and center to face dimensions. When properly selected, this Flowserve product is designed to perform its intended function safely during its useful life. Gate, globe, check, ball, and butterfly valves.

KITZ original electric actuators for ball and butterfly valves. Sheraz Corporation — Sheraz Corporation Click text area to view or download right click catalog data.

Yoshitake Bellow Seal Valve Catalog. Bronze, iron, steel, chrome and stainless steel alloys. Browse industrial materials ranging from heat insulating plates, sponges, to metal and plastic materials in different sizes to meet your various applications. A wide variety of wiring parts for connecting and protecting control and PC parts including Connectors, Cables, Electric Wires, Crimping Terminals and more.

A good selection of accessories such as screws, bolts, washers and vqlve that catalogus may need for your daily engineering usage. Kitz XJ series Butterfly Valve. The adoptions of common parts and part modularization have enabled flexible modification, which will widen the applications of the actuator.

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We apologize for the inconvenience. We produce a wide variety of Ball Valves. Bronze and stainless steel threaded ball valves.

TLV has continuously worked towards improving the quality of its production system.The Catalog number is described on the upper right corner of the back side. The secondary sealing is by two O rings that are moulded at the top and bottom of the seat, which get compressed around the shaft.

We have two types of actuator with various options that correspond to a variety of specifications. Dia-Standard Gear Unit H. We have been properly approved and authorized by a notified body to provide customers within EU countries with valve products conforming to all PED requirements. This ensures the line fluid does not enter the stem area and get contaminated.

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