In he visited Scotland, and left behind him a pignus amoris which fortunately died; and in , a year before he wrote the Tale of Two Lovers, he had. The tale of two lovers /​ by Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini (Pius II) ; translated by Flora Grierson. Uniform Title. De duobus amantibus. English. Author. Pius II, Pope. Classic Literature A Tale of Two Cities By Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens Fictionwise www. A tale of two cities · A Tale of Two Cities.

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The Tale of Two Lovers (Latin: Historia de duobus amantibus) written in was one of The Tale of the Two Lovers by Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini Free PDF. When I first heard about The Tale of Two Lovers it was as the erotic story written by a man whom later became pope, and tried to bury it. The Tale of Two Lovers (Latin: Historia de duobus amantibus) written in was one of the bestselling books of the fifteenth century, even before its author.

As an example of the type of content within the book, Pius wrote: Now Sigismund, though advanced in years, was quick to passion; he took great pleasure in the company of women, and loved feminine caresses. Indeed he liked nothing better than the presence of great ladies.

So when he saw these, he leaped from his horse, and they received him with outstretched hands. Surely they are from heaven. Writing to a friend, he said, I know what you will say: why, how strait-laced Aeneas is; now he writes to me of chastity from Vienna, but in Neustadt be spoke otherwise.

Now I know myself, and may it not be too late. For now I am forty, and the day of salvation, the time for repentance is at hand… Pius II attempted to suppress the Tale of Two Lovers, not wanting the transgressions of his pre-Pope days to catch up with him, but the book proved to be too popular.

However, he was a prolific writer, and many of his other writings eclipsed the Tale of Two Lovers, at least in the eyes of the church. His Commentaries was published by a distant relative long after his death, along with his autobiography written in the third person. In addition, he wrote about historical events as well as political, religious, and ethical issues of his time, which have proven to be invaluable resources about the time period in which he lived.

His rapid rise began after being made a representative in Frankfurt. After breaking off his friendship with the Antipope in , he was absolved of his excommunication. In , he was ordained as a priest.

He then helped to resolve issues between the German princes and the Pope, and for his efforts was made a bishop in The first printed edition was published by Ulrich Zell in Cologne between and The novel is set in Siena , Italy and centres around the love story of Lucretia, a married woman, and Euryalus, one of the men waiting on the Duke of Austria. After an uncertain beginning, in which each is in love but unaware that it is reciprocated, they begin a correspondence, which takes up much of the rest of the novel.

Before writing his first love-letter, Euryalus quotes Virgil in defence of his position, Amor vincit omnia et nos cedamus amori translated: This equation of characters is no longer accepted.

The Latin text was edited most recently in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eclogue 10, line 69, quoted by Euryalus in a soliloquy before the first letter. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Articles containing Latin-language text Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June CS1: Namespaces Article Talk.Why torture me so long?

Separate different tags with a comma. This effort ultimately failed.

Add to that moral virtues, ruling and directing the rest. But suppose Lucretia resolved to go with me, who am of high rank and powerful, what ignominy for all your race, what laughter for the people!

Preserve me, that I may repent these crimes!

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